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How do I cancel my credit card?

Just as you can take out loans only with DNI , it is also easy for you to access a credit card only with this document. And is that it has not happened to you?, Surely you have gone to a well-known supermarket and a seller has approached you to offer the store’s credit card, or maybe they have called you from a bank and told you to come to the nearest office with your ID because you have a pre-approved card.

Many people access blindly and then are surprised with maintenance costs, expenses, commissions, etc. They did not expect . The solution in front of you, when the credit card you took out does not work for you, is to cancel it. But how easy is it to cancel a credit card? Well it depends on many factors and now I tell you how to do to cancel your cards.

Pay your debts

Pay your debts

The first thing you have to do to avoid having problems with your credit cards is to have no debts . Without debts, everything will be easier.

But, stop there! It is not enough for your statement to say that you have zero debt soles. Be sure and before you request the cancellation of your card, ask the bank for a proof of no debit .

Cancel your card

With the proof of no debt in your hands, you already have a first resort in your favor to cancel your card, it is time to choose the form. There are two ways to request the cancellation: in person and by phone.

If you chose the face-to-face form, you will have to sign a document requesting the cancellation; as I always advise you: read well before signing!

If, on the other hand, you requested the cancellation by phone, ask them to give you the operation code. In my case, I have always preferred to do as banks do and record the call and although the latter is not necessary, it can be helpful if there are irregularities in the procedure.

Be a little suspicious: follow up

Be a little suspicious: follow up

If you want your personal finances to go well, following up on all the procedures you do is a good recommendation.

You can track your canceled cards in many ways: first, by calling or going to the bank to inquire about the status of your card; second, through reports offered by risk centers or the SBS.

Through the reports you can even know how many debts you have , with what entities and how many credit cards currently exist in your name. If in the updated report you see that you still have the credit card you canceled, you can legally proceed against the bank.

Have these tips served you? There goes one more: to avoid having the need to cancel cards for excessive charges, compare charges, fees, commissions, etc. before requesting or accepting it.

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